Thursday, March 12, 2020

Ryan Knows – Things Homebuyers Want in a Real Estate Agent

Gone are the days when all a homebuyer needed was a guy who will just walk them through a house and show up last on closing day. Today’s homebuyers have a specific set of expectations with their realtor. They are looking for a lot more when choosing a real estate agent, and they have high hopes for exactly what—and how—that estate agent should deliver.

Ryan Kortan, in Sioux Falls is a professional and credible real estate agent who, with his firm client experience, has a list of things buyers are looking for in their potential realtor. 


They want an attentive agent who’s plugged in, who has a standout media presence and website, and who can help them search homes in the most digitally savvy ways possible. 

People skills

Buyers want a realtor they feel comfortable with. Friendliness, courtesy, and just plain being nice are some of the huge priorities for buyers. They might love home searching online, but a personal relationship with their agent can go a long way fairly.

No pressure sales

People don’t want anyone making choices for them. Today’s buyers don’t appreciate the hard sell, nor do they want their realtor to push them or pressure them towards a major decision.

Area knowledge

RyanKortan suggests, though buyers want digitally-savvy, they don’t want a real estate agent who’s inaccessible or far away. Most are googling for things like “realtor near me” when searching on the internet; they want someone with all the knowledge of the exact neighborhood they’re buying in.
In general, homebuyers want a partner—a guide who can take them through the home buying process and help them see victory from start to finish.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Ryan Kortan — professional, extremely efficient, highly organized realtor of Sioux Falls

Ryan Kortan was outstanding with helping our family in the selling of our home and purchase of new home! He is very professional, extremely efficient, highly organized, an excellent communicator, and truly cares about his clients. Highly recommend Ryan for all of your real estate needs in Sioux Falls